te voy a comer!!!


glamorosa... ninfa vagabunda
delicada... brisa de ultramar
faraona... atractiva majestad
me retiro embriagado a tu edén
enamorado y tuyo
como si fuera la primera vez
cortesana... gata declarada
indecente... esponja de placer
sinvergüenza... ama de la persuasión
deliciosa te voy a lamer



soñé que vivía en Islandia
yo estaba en una pequeña tienda llena de telitas de colores
tu volabas un papalote en la calle
un volcán hacia erupción
no nos importaba
éramos felices


ya caeras

ahora que nos empezó a gustar
te da miedo


everything is

i know it sounds wrong and i don't have the face
but lately everythig is falling into place
i know it souds dumb, but ain't no disgrace
it just feels so damn good to be out of the race
i know it sounds strange to really feel free
but how can you complain 
if it's the way it's meant to be
i love a simple tune that anyone can play



i know i look high
but i'm just free dancing
i know i look hypnotized
but i'm just table tapping


eres demasiado conceptual para mi.


societe des ambianceurs et personnes elegantes

siempre nos queremos

fuiste como un sol
una cosa bella
un suspiro en mi interior
con aroma a menta
un nuevo color
fuiste una colmena
el deseo de un amor
que me tiene alerta


Animated Gifs

yes i'm gonna be a star

baby you can drive my car
yes i'm gonna be a star
baby you can drive my car
and maybe i'll love you


de primavera y pudor

jonathan leder

la primavera llegó
y mis ropas aun cubren pudorosamente mi cuerpo


color a noche

color a domingo


en la palestra de desconocidos
buscó a su lado el calor
y simulando mojarle el oído
le besó el cuello y le dijo:
me gustas tanto
quisiera aprenderme tu nombre
me gustas tanto que
no sé por donde voy.
me le acerque suspicaz
y le tendí un anzuelo
vamos a fumar un porro ahí.
me gusta verte reír
me gusta tanto tu coqueteo
me gusta verte reír
me gusta tanto tu coqueteo.
tengo una idea
no me hables de ti
y mucho menos de tu pasado
algo en tus labios color carmín
sugiere que vayamos al grano.

i'm looking for....

like an accomplice
we have to first get out of this bar
then the hotel
then the city
and then the contry
are you in or you out??


a mi alma desertora


de sonidos celestiales

hace poco lo volví a escuchar,
y casi muero por el placer que me causó.
fue tan inconsciente, natural y perfecto
que hizo vibrar todo lo que hay en mi.
quizás lo olvide mañana,
quizás mañana aparezca de nuevo,
quizás se quede para siempre,
quizás, sólo quizás.



beneath the mango tree

and all those moments
just might find their way into my dreams tonight
but i know that they'll be gone
when the morning light sings
and brings new things
for tomorrow night you see
that they'll be gone too
too many things i have to do
but if all of these dreams might find their way
into my day to day scene
i'd be under the impression
i was somewhere in between
with only two
just me and you
not so many things we got to do
or places we got to be
we'll sit beneath the mango tree now

déjà vu


oh yisus!!!

they say...

an end can be a start
feels like i've been buried yet i'm still alive
it's like a bad day that never ends
i feel the chaos around me
a thing i don't try to deny
i'd better learn to accept that
there are things in my life i can't control


that's how it starts

we go back to your house
we check the charts
and start to figure it out


like a sunset

here comes, a visible horizon
right where it starts and ends
and then we start the end
here comes, a visible illusion
where it starts and ends
you're like a sunset



don't remember

what is it, i don't remember
made my feeling so much better
if i can have just one pure thought

let's take a walk

why don't we take a walk?
you know there's no one to tell us no
because you can't regret something that you'll forget
and that's the beauty
i like you because you're strange
but you say that you need to change
but if i dress you like me then you'll still never be
more than your bus fare to me


where do you go to my lovely

you talk like marlene dietrich
and you dance like zizi jeanmaire
your clothes are all made by balmain
and there's diamonds and pearls in your hair, yes there are
you live in a fancy apartment
off the boulevard saint-michel
where you keep your rolling stones records
and a friend of sacha distel, yes you do
but where do you go to my lovely
when you're alone in your bed
tell me the thoughts that surround you
i want to look inside your head, yes i do